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We are a brand which has been born into mother nature. It's time to create a new feeling

After looking at alternatives

Our journey began in 2018

We make the world’s most ingeniously designed, technologically invincible, and expertly constructed personal storage products that fuse lifestyle, performance, and sports so that the motivated people around the globe can turn their goals into achievements. Back in 2010, we committed to reform the bag and storage industry with cool and unique products. Our goal is to keep you moving in style with thoughtfully designed, aesthetically pleasing commute bags.

Since then, the streets of Seattle have provided us with boundless design inspiration. Everything we make is ignited by the sounds and sights of the city, giving our products a unique style. While Seattle is a place we call home, the vibrant spirit translates the world over.

It is never really about our bags, but a new community of urban nomads, bouncing from meetings to meetups, wanting to move fluidly through the chaos, outsmarting the challenges of the city. This is what makes us the leaders of this industry. We make products that keep your gadgets protected, essentials organized, and everything handy, so you are free to commute, create, and work. We pride ourselves in crafting true utility in sophisticated, thoughtful design.

Almost a decade on, we are still taking meaningful risks, giving a damn about the world around us, building quality bags, with a keen eye on the past, the present, and the future.

We are from India, making our exclusive range of products available to the hardest working and dedicated people of the nation. In the past, we have received a number of orders from India, which was quite surprising for us. Seeing the popularity of our products in India, we have launched products specific to the Indian audience.

What makes us different? We personalize the production process – no bulk production at our humble workshop. We produce in small bunches to provide products you have ordered.

In the world full of copycats and fake products, we are mindful of what it takes to be a brand. We are aware how bags hang on your body. We cut out the clutter with a modest and focused design that serves its purpose.

Customers influence what we design and produce. Our most popular products came from people requesting a tech and health.

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We are your one-stop solution for all your fashion, home, electronic gadgets requirements. All you have to do is turn on your computers and shop, no matter where you live, we will deliver your ordered products under the expected delivery date.

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