Heated Full Body Massager for Joints
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Heated Full Body Massager for Joints

7,999 3,999


✅ Built-in 2300MA rechargeable battery

✅ Enjoy heating therapy anywhere anytime

✅ Great for road trips, traveling, workout, etc

✅ Comfortable Neoprene brace with easy to wear

✅ Great ideal gift for family, friends, and yourself

✅ You can enjoy a rejuvenating massage even on the go with our knee massager



Rechargeable Knee Heat Massager provides powerful vibration massage, help reduce joint pain, muscle stiffness, and joint swelling from knee, shoulder, arms, and legs, and improve your range of motion.

We feel proud that We Deliver more than 130,000 Heated Full Body Massager & helping peoples further relieve muscle soreness and cramps


1. Auto program for 10-minute, 15-minute, 20-minute.
2. Selectable heat further relieves the knee joint, shoulder joint, and elbow joint.
3. Ergonomic for the knee, shoulder, and elbow design can be fixed on any joints.
4. Comfortable vibration massage ease joint pain, muscle stiffness, and joint swelling.
5. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery makes for complete portability, can provide on-the-go relief.
6. Heat Therapy, Magnetic therapy, and Vibration Massage together work to promote comprehensive rehabilitation.
7. Elastic neoprene material and adjustable straps fit different girths of legs or arms and maximizing comfort on the skin. Fits a girth of 18 inches or less.

“Customer Experience”


it is a multipurpose use product. can be used for knee pain relief and also for biceps pain. Heating can be adjusted in 3 stages. quite a user friendly and easy to store. – “Dharmendra Prakesh”

My mom loved it. It is so lightweight. Which does not add any unnecessary extra weight to the knees.
And the magnetic bids really comfort and provide the ease required.
Satisfied. great for elderly –“Sunidhi Sharma”